Our main areas of activity are:

Research, development and marketing of propagating material
Nourishing crops through sustainability
In the provision of advisory services at both field and farm level.

Top materials and targeted consulting

Having assessed a long journey in the field of agricultural applications, we have concluded that continuous research, uninterrupted study and the selection of advanced materials are essential for the application and continuity of agriculture in our country. Sometimes it seems and sounds simple, but it is more of a challenge and a constant search than a simplicity.

Scientific Solutions

Deepening Knowledge

100% results




Our involvement with propagating material begins in the mid-1990s and continues to this day both with the import of seeds and with the creation and improvement of varieties (breeding).



Plant Nutrition Products

Soil and the rules that govern it are an inexhaustible fund of knowledge and applications.

Based on the principle of balance and sustainable the soil system, we propose and intervene with technologies and materials based on knowledge, research and innovation.




The constant changes in the context of European policies for the agricultural sector are a constant challenge but also a set of tools and opportunities that require constant updating. In this context, our advisory services ensure the full exploitation of the above tools and opportunities in order to improve both agricultural income and farm development.

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