TIMAΙΟS. Durum wheat of the highest quality

The durum wheat variety TIMAIOS is a Greek variety with excellent quality characteristics, registered in the National and the European catalogue of cultivated plant varieties.

TIMAIOS general foto

Plant with vigorous first growth and excellent first establishment behaviour.

It behaves very well in early low temperatures without being affected.

Wide leaf surface that helps it to photosynthesize better.

Good to very good frost resistance

Resistant to rust and with moderate to good resistance to septoria

It gives long, moderately compact stems with scales that hug the seed tightly and dark, long spikelets.


Weight of 1000 seeds: 50-52 g

Centilitre weight : 80-83

High percentage of vitreous seeds

High percentage of protein and gluten


The stability of the variety TIMAIOS, its adaptation to various soil types and its drought resistance makes it very competitive especially in areas with severe anovulation problems.

The combination of its qualitative characteristics: high protein, high weight per litre and high percentage of vitreous grains make it one of the leading varieties in the Mediterranean regions.

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