TriticaleTriticosecale ) is a hybrid of wheat ( Triticum ) and rye ( Secale ). It was first created in workshops in the late 19th century in Scotland and Germany. Commercially available triticale is almost always a second-generation hybrid, i.e. a cross between two species of first-cross triticale.

Triticale Zuhat is a Spanish variety listed in the Greek National Catalogue of cultivated plant varieties created by the Spanish company Semillas Battle SA.

Triticale Zuhat on field


Plant height: Average 1-1.2 m.

Leech: Medium-high

Straw : Very large


Alternativity: Very high

Decanting: Medium-Pream

Earliness : Early – very early


Ovid: Medium-High

Slagging: Medium-Deep

Septoria: High

Resistance to bending: Excellent


Sowing time : mid-October to mid-January

Seed rate: 22-24 Kg/ha.

Recommended quantity of seed for fruit or hay

ZUHAT is a variety suitable for high grain production but also for hay production. It has very good growth during the winter and excellent lateral growth adaptability and resistance. It provides forage of high nutritional quality and can be grown associated with other legumes such as vetch and fodder peas.

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