FOLIAMAX. Foliare High-Tech Fertilizer

FOLIAMAX is a foliare high-tech fertilizer, created by TERRABIOTEC, which incorporates 4 innovative technologies and ensures:

Direct rise of nutrients from the roots to the above-ground part of the plant
Activation of the plant’s natural defence mechanism
Maximize the absorption of solutions from the sheets
Development of the beneficial microbiome of leaves and biofilm formation

All of the above technologies are contained in FOLIAMAX formulations and are an excellent tool for their application to the leaf surface through trans-wall spraying. The use of FOLIAMAX throughout the growing season, starting from the early stages of growth until just before the beginning of the maturity process, creates conditions for the more intense rise of nutrients from the roots to the above-ground part of the plant, activates the plant’s natural defence mechanism, promotes and optimises the absorption capacity of the leaves and stimulates the growth of the beneficial microbiome on the leaf surface, creating a beneficial biofilm which prevents the entry of pathogens. FOLIAMAX transglacial fertilizer is combined with all insecticides and fungicides as well as with most herbicides.

Foliamax comes in three formulas:

FOLIAMAX 13-0-5 20 litres package
FOLIAMAX 0-5-14 +OE 5 and 20 litre packs
FOLIAMAX 7-5-10 5 litres package

Dosages : 2-3 lt/ha or 2,5 litres/tonne of spray solution

For more information and updates please contact us at: [email protected] or at tel. 2410671785 mob:+306944415412 6944415412

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