TERRA MYCO 12-0-7 +55 SO3. Fertilizer with Microorganisms

TERRA MYCO is a fertilizer with microorganisms, a Terrabiotec technology product that incorporates the 6 innovative technologies and has the following characteristics:

COMPOSITION : 12-0-7 +55 SO3 + Microorganisms

N (N) : 12 % of which Ammonia (NH4) 12 %

Potassium (K2O) : 7 % (K2O)

Sulphur (SO3) : 55 % (SO3)

Bacteria : >104 UFC/Kg Bacillus subtilis

Fungi : >104 UFC/Kg (Trichoderma sp & Coniothyrium sp)

TERRA MYCO contains all 6 TERRABIOTEC technologies which ensure :

image 1
Organic matter transformation
Retaining fertilisers in the soil
Increase the storage capacity of fertilizers in the soil
Release of unavaible phosphorus
Reduction of soil diseases through the prevalence of beneficial microogranisms.
Regeneration of root system cells damaged by pathogens
Root system protection against pathogen attacks

All of the above technologies are contained in TERRA MYCO and are an excellent tool for their application to the soil both as basic fertilization (granular form) and through hydrofertilization (water-soluble form). The use of TERRA MYCO as a basic or water-soluble fertilizer, starting from the early stages of growth until just before the last watering, creates conditions for better transformation of the existing organic matter into a form assimilated by the plants, better use of the fertilizers already present or added and optimization of the resistance of the root system against pathogen attacks. Moreover, its composition, with fertilizer units fully assimilated by plants, is such that it provides solutions especially for areas with increased PH due to the sulphur (SO3) content. In addition, the three microorganisms that are contained, achieve complete dominance against pathogenic microorganisms such as Sclerotinia, Rhizoctonia, Phytophthora & Verticillium.

Video from electron microscope with characteristic impression of Trichoderma sp proliferation applied with TERRA MYCO in soil and against Sclerotinia
Terra Myco.Fertilizer with microorganisms

To TERRA MYCO 12-0-7+55 SO3 is available in two forms: granular (2-4 mm) in 15 kg bags and water soluble powder in 2 kg bags.

Dosage : Granular 50-100 kg/ha with incorporation into the soil. Water-soluble powder 2-4 Kg/ha with hydro-fertilization.

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